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Dogman Blog: July 19, 2011

Dogman Update: July 18, 2011

Hello Dogman Fans!

We’re a little more than a week away from the debut of our new novel, and there is plenty of news from here in Dogman Country!

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The Dogman Epoch: Shadow and Flame

Our brand new novel has moved to the final stages of publication. The final proof was approved today and the first set of books has been ordered to be printed. This fourth Dogman novel (and the FIRST in a new series) is set to debut at the Grayling AuSable Festival on Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30.

In honor of the new book, we will be offering it at the PRE-RELEASE special price of only $10 for one week on our website (it lists for $14.99 normally), beginning on Friday, July 22. Be sure to get your pre-release copy ordered.

This new novel, Shadow and Flame, is actually 2 books under the same cover. It is the longest and most elaborate of my novels to date. A masterful blend of science fiction, fantasy, and folklore, the DOGMAN EPOCH is an epic tale in its own era, stretching from the present day to far beyond the history of humanity.

The first book is called The Guardians. 10,000 years in the past, the Nagual and their sorcerer chieftain Xoloctil begin their conquest of the native civilizations. Can the great Guardians, warrior-beasts who stand for justice and the protection of all living creatures, stand against the evil onslaught, or will the looming end of the Third Age of the Sun prove the downfall of humanity?

The second book is called The Portal, and it ties the Dogman legend to the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophesy. A secret governmental agency races to solve an ancient puzzle and save the world from destruction, all the while dodging a hidden enemy…

I’m pleased to announce that Craig Tollenaar, our world-famous artist, has put his talent to the cover AND to the interior illustrations. This will be the first of the Dogman novels to include Craig’s black and white pen sketches, and they are fabulous!

This new novel is the first in a new Dogman series that connects the present and the past as only the legends of the Dogman can do. Want to read a bit of it before its release? Be sure to check out our website often for snippets from various chapters.



Our new CD compilation, “Spirit of Dogman Country” which was co-produced with folklore musician David Martinka, is now available on our website and at our book-signing stops. David has also agreed to join me at the Grayling AuSable Festival to help celebrate the new novel and our CD set.

“Scent of the Dogman” candles and body spray, produced by Great Lakes Candle Company’s Pete Gross, are also available for sale on our website and at our appearances. They make excellent additions to the repertoire of any Dogman fan.

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Summer has been non-stop action in the field! We’ve just finished our huge show at Traverse City’s Cherry Festival, as well as setting sales records in Frankenmuth, Mackinaw City, Frankfort, and Alpena.

We've added several stops to our book signing tour this summer. Check us out at any of the locations (below) and look for our new book and products soon:

July 29-30 Grayling Au-Sable Festival
Aug 6-7 Lexington Art Fair
Aug 10 Meijer Library, Jackson
Aug 12 Alanson River Festival
Aug 13-14 Ludington Gold Coast Art Fair
Aug 17 Eagle River, WI Paul Bunyan Festival (our only Wisconsin show this year)
Aug 19-20 DeWitt Ox Roast Festival
Sep 3-4 Harrisville Harmony Days

We hope to haunt a town near you this summer! Of course, check out our website for any additional dates as they get posted: www.dogman07.com

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That's about all for now, it's been a busy couple of months, but there are still busy weeks ahead as the new book is finalized to meet our debut weekend. Watch our website for all the great details! www.dogman07.com

Thanks for your support, and hopefully I'll see you down the trail this summer!