Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dogman Update 5/14/2008

May 14, 2008:

Mushrooms, mushrooms, and more mushrooms!

Seems like we're up to our eyeballs in mushrooms! We even found a big handful out back of the hacienda. They sure were good fried up in a pan of butter and spread on a big porterhouse!

Last weekend at the Mesick Mushroom Festival was fabulous! Not only did we set an all-time record for sales in a one-day event, but we were able to meet so many great fans of the Dogman. We were impressed with the party such a little town could put together. The food and the company were both excellent! Since the debut of Year of the Dogman, we've sold nearly 1200 copies, and we've re-ordered another set so we can start the summer out right! We hope to reach 5000 copies by the end of the summer!

Be sure to check out the Dogman website at:

This weekend we will be at the National Mushroom Festival in Boyne City, MI. The craft fair is in the Veterans Park downtown, right on the waterfront. It promises to be a great weekend!

MythMichigan News:

Our next novel, The Longquist Adventures: Western Odyssey, has moved to the design phase with our publisher, Booksurge. You can see the cover of the novel on the novel's website:

Upcoming News:

The long-awaited sequel to Year of the Dogman is nearing completion. The manuscript is almost finished, and our editor is working on a chapter-by-chapter proofing so we can get the new novel out this summer. In fact, we are now setting a release date of July 4, 2008. On July 5, we will be attending a book signing at Horizon's Bookstore in Traverse City. And the big event of the summer will be our attendance at the National Cherry Festival craft fair on July 6. We have the honor of joining Steve Cook, the artist who performed "The Legend", the original song of the Dogman that we all enjoy on the radio. Steve will be selling his new Legend Edition CD set, and we will together be signing books and music sets.

For more on the Dogman, including the latest sightings, be sure to check out Steve Cook's website at:

Mark your calendars now to attend! As the summer gets closer, we will be revealing more details about the new novel. Of course, if you want a sneak peek of The Haunting of Sigma, stop by one of our spring appearances and pick up an advanced marketing copy, complete with a few 'snippets' of several chapters. This new novel promises to be much darker and more intense than the first!

As always, we thank all of our great fans for their support! Keep those eyes peeled for Dogman sightings!