Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dogman Update 3/7/2010

Dogman Blog
March 2010

Hello Dogman fans! A warm welcome to everyone from our Facebook page and those of you on the official Dogman Email list. Be sure to check out our official website:

It is with extreme anticipation that I write to you today. That is because the History Channel has finally released the preview of their MonsterQuest episode that will be featuring, the one and only, Michigan Dogman!

It will air on Wednesday, March 24 at 9:00 pm. Undoubtedly, it will be re-run several times within that same week for any fans who can't catch the premiere.

And I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait to see it!!!!

We caught wind of this upcoming TV show last October when my good friend and co-conspirator Steve Cook, the father of the Dogman "Legend" song, and I were tag-teaming a book & CD signing at the Haunted Ship of Manistee. Steve told me that the MonsterQuest crew was indeed in northern Michigan on a follow-up to the 2007 episode (the one that focused on Wisconsin). They were poking around the swamps and forests and interviewing folks to get a sense of the Dogman legends here in Michigan.

I even had the pleasure to meet Deputy Jeff Chamberlain of the Lake County Sheriff's office. He was actually on duty when the original break-in at the cabin in Luther took place back in 1987. He shared some truly fascinating stories.

Since that time, the word has leaked out and we have all been waiting (some less patiently than others) for the announcement. Now we know! The Michigan Dogman will make its worldwide debut in less than three weeks!

What will the MonsterQuest episode show? None of us knows for certain, even Steve Cook. I know that Steve was interviewed at length by Linda Godfrey - the true expert in all things weird, wicked, and wild - in and around the Great Lakes. And I have my own hunches that we may see several re-enactments from Dogman sightings. I think we may even see that ol' controversial Gable Film show up too. Perhaps the folks at MonsterQuest can finally give us some sort of definitive evidence to proclaim the film a real or a fraud, once and for all. And then again, maybe we'll never know. There are certainly no shortage of opinions on that piece of evidence!

I'll keep updating our Facebook page with more information as I get it, so please check in there periodically. For our fans not on Facebook, this is your opportunity to join the Dogman community and the discussion!


We're heading to Canton H.S. this upcoming weekend for the second show in two weeks on Detroit's west side. Then on March 24, just before the MonsterQuest episode, we'll be at Mancelona H.S. for an after-school extravaganza! We wrap up the month in Petoskey at the Methodist Church craft fair on Saturday, March 27.

Of course, you can see our full 2010 Book Tour dates on our website:

March 13: Canton H.S., Canton
March 24: Mancelona H.S.
April 17-18: Escanaba Fairgrounds
April 24-25: Shephard Maple Syrup Fest
May 1-2: Holland Tulip Fest
May 8-9: Uncle Johns Cider Mill, St. Johns
May 15-16: Boyne City Mushroom Fest


I've finished up the second Longquist Adventures novel and we're getting the final editing and pictures wrapped up. We hope for a May 1 debut at the Tulip Festival in Holland. If all goes well, the new Viking Treasure novel will be ready for fans!

I've also started a fourth Dogman novel, tentatively titled Tales From Dogman Country. It is a collection of short stories from all around Michigan and from different times in history as well as the modern day. It is sure to be an instant classic! I'm shooting for another July 4th debut at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, but this one might be tough to pull off. We'll see.


In honor of the MonsterQuest episode, we're going to offer some GREAT specials on our website. These will include greatly reduced prices on novels and t-shirts, as well as our new awesome Dogman Country hats. Check in with us in the next week as we begin unveiling the specials.

Again, I thank all of you for your support. As I get updates, I'll keep you all posted through our various channels. It is a fabulous time to be associated with the legends of the Dogman. I'm really looking forward to sharing these legends with a world-wide audience. We welcome everyone to Dogman Country!!