Monday, April 27, 2009

Dogman Update 4/27/2009

Dogman Blog April 2009

Hello to all of our wonderful Dogman fans around Michigan and around the world!

The winter season is well behind and good riddance! It’s hard to believe all of the cold weather, the ice storms, and of course the inches and inches of glorious snow we survived this past winter! But the Dogman has made it through, stronger than ever!

So, what have we been up to? A lot of traveling! The old gold Tahoe has made a number of trips outside of northern Michigan, spreading the Dogman legends all over the state. We’ve been in the metro Detroit area a few times, and sampled some great treats at the Maple Syrup Fest in Vermontville and the Irish Fest in Clare. We braved the weather in Manistee, in Escanaba, at Tip-Up Town (Houghton Lake), and at the Snow Fest in Cadillac. We also hung out at Standish-Sterling Middle School and had a rockin’ good time with the students in our writing workshops.

Its now time to get the little blue tent, dust off the cobwebs, and prep for the outdoor season. First stop will be Holland, the place we kicked off the summer last year. We’ll be looking for our good friends Wolf and Bonnie from Sault Ste. Marie and their world famous kettle corn. With any luck, they’ll be our neighbors again. We also have new stops this May at Michigan State University (my alma mater) and in Muskegon for Memorial Day weekend.

Be sure to check out our website for our full 2009 schedule. Hopefully we’ll be haunting a town near you:

Dogman Sightings:

There have been two recent Dogman reports, this time from Brazil! That’s right, the Dogman has made a run for the border. I’d imagine he wanted in on Carnivale (and he was escaping the cold Michigan weather for a nice, warm vacation!). Check out the links below for the entire story.

If any of our fans have more stories to tell (or confirmations on these stories here), please email us immediatly:


Be sure to check out our website for more information, as well as links to Steve Cook's website where the Dogman encounters and sightings are posted.

Steve's website:

Our upcoming schedule for May and June (tentatively) is below:

May 2-3: Tulip Fest, Holland MI
May 9: Mushroom Fest, Mesick MI
May 16-17: Michigan State University Union arts show, East Lansing MI
May 25-27: Muskegon arts show, Muskegon MI

June 6-7: Owosso craft fair, Owosso MI
June 12-13: Green Acres, Saginaw MI
June 19-21: Zehnders Park, Frankenmuth MI
June 27: Mackinaw City craft fair, Mackinaw City MI
June 28: Old Town craft fair, Traverse City MI

Want to see our full 2009 schedule? Check out the link below:

Update on the new Dogman (part 3) novel:

Yes, there will be a third novel in the Dogman series! The official title is Nagual: Dawn of the Dogman. It could very well be the best Dogman novel yet. The novel is broken into two books. The first book returns to 1707 and follows Pierre, the French fur trader (from the Year of the Dogman novel) in his flight north to escape the spectral beast that he unknowingly released from its earthen prison. But the true origins of the Dogmen is found to trace back much further than the 1700s. We learn of a primitive civilization in the times B.C. which

The second book in the novel revs its way forward in time to 1977 and the Dogman’s first hauntings in Benzie County and Grand Traverse County. This time it is the little communities of Lake Ann and Interlochen that succumb to the wrath of our favorite folklore creature.

And just what is the Nagual? It is the Meso-American name for the shape shifting Skin-Walkers, evil beings who have overtaken the bodies of humans and changed them into horrible creatures.

That’s as much as I can give away this time. Be sure to check out our website often as I will be posting some snippets of the new novel over the next two months. Our tentative release date is July 4, 2009. Coincidentally, that will be for Cherry Festival in Traverse City. We hope to debut with our good friend, Steve Cook, in a grand celebration of Michigan’s Dogman legend.

Click here for the snippets we have available:

Dogman Merchandise:

We now have great Dogman Survival Guide t-shirts available. In all sizes from small to 3-X, they offer great advice for Dogman encounters: Don’t Go Out At Night! These are only $10 on our website.

We also have copies of Steve Cook’s The Legend Legacy Edition CD/DVD for only $20. These hard to find copies go fast and we are constantly having to restock our supply. Remember, 10% of all sales go to support the Cheboygan Humane Society.

Well, that’s all for April. As always, we’ll keep you posted on any Dogman happenings as the summer approaches. Keep your eyes peeled and watch your back. And, oh yeah, DON’T GO OUT AT NIGHT!