Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dogman Update 8/4/2009

Dogman Blog August 2009

Hello to all of our Dogman fans!

News from the Book Tour:

WOW! What a weekend in Lexington. We set a new 2-day sales record, selling 113 novels and meeting fans from all over the Thumb and Metro-Detroit areas. Folks shared a number of stories about the Wichy Wolves from the Standish/Au Gres area and one creepy account of a sighting outside of Mio. But mostly we heard about ghost stories from the Blue Water area.

And my brother and I spent some time in the Cadillac House sharing ghost stories with the staff. My thanks go out to Luke, Tyson, Christina, and Skipper (among the others) who all gave us their stories about the haunted upper floors of the building. Talk about a building with history! Originally built in the 1840s, the Cadillac House (Hotel) has seen some wild times in Lexington. And George, the ghost who haunts the building, has been up to his old tricks lately – locking doors, messing with the lights, sitting in the booths with patrons. Of course, my brother Mike and I managed to get the girls to bring us a bowl of the Cadillac’s famous cheese soup, even at 1:30 in the morning. But tours to the upstairs of the building will have to wait for a future visit!

These ghost stories have given me some great ideas for a potential series of stories about Lake Huron and the hauntings around Port Huron, Lexington, Port Sanillac, etc.

Speaking of great food, make sure to visit the Stone House restaurant in Port Sanillac for great fish fry. Also, the Quay Street Brewery in Port Huron extended its hospitality and good eats too. Both receive my highest recommendation!

Where are we off to next?

This weekend we’re slated for a three day showing in Onekama at the Manistee County Fairgrounds. But that may depend upon how well I recover from knee surgery (I tore the meniscus in my right knee). I've made it through surgery fine, but we'll see how the next few days of recovery go. Of course, you can see our full 2009 tour schedule through the link below. Hopefully we’ll be haunting a town near you:


Our upcoming schedule for August and early September (tentatively) is below:

August 7-9: Onekama craft fair (tentative)
August 14-16: Mint Festival, St. Johns, MI
August 29-30: Mackinaw City craft fair
September 5-6: Harrisville arts fair
September 7 (Labor Day): Ducks Landing, Mackinaw City (tentative)
September 14: Port City Craft Fair, Manistee

We’ve also set a tentative book signing at the Ghost Ship in Manistee, the SS City of Milwaukee, for October 23 & 24, and our good friend Steve Cook, the father of the Dogman, may be joining us!

Update on the New Novel:

The third book in the Dogman series, Nagual: Dawn Of The Dogmen, has continued to sell in great numbers. And as one local author told me, this third novel will drive the sales of the first book. Amazing! He was right – sales of the original Dogman novel have doubled in through the month of July! You can order your copies of all my books at our website link below:


Dogman Merchandise:

We now have two t-shirts available. Of course, the original, official Dogman Survival Guide t-shirts can be purchased $10 on our website, they come in all sizes S-XL (we’re currently out of 2X and 3X sizes) and include good advice: Don’t Go Out At Night!

We also have the new BLACK t-shirts with ripped claw marks across the front, the beast peering through from the back. The logo says, “I don’t have to outrun the Dogman, I just have to outrun you!” These are currently only available at our book signings, so make sure to stop out and see us and pick yours up.

Remember, 10% of all sales go to support the Cheboygan Humane Society.

See our Dogman store for all official merchandise:


And be sure to check out our official website for all Dogman news and information!


As always, we thank you for your support and for following Michigan’s folklore! Watch for the little blue tent to make an appearance near you this summer and fall. And do be careful when you’re out at night!