Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dogman Update 6/12/2008

June 12, 2008:

This month has started out quiet for us, but we anticipate things to be a-changin’ soon. Now that school is officially out, we can concentrate on the business of sharing the legend of the Dogman with everyone in Northern Michigan!

Our next event is in Lexington, Michigan (north of Port Huron) on June 21-22. We will be in our ever-famous pop-up tent at the Lakeside Craft Fair on Saturday from 10am till 6pm, and on Sunday from 10am till 5pm. Though the tent did sustain some damage in Boyne City from the high winds, we have recovered nicely. There is no type of weather that can stop either the Dogman or us!

And then, the mother of all weeks in the north-land, Cherry Festival, will be upon us. If all goes as planned, we will unveil the Dogman sequel, The Haunting of Sigma, that weekend. We will be in Mackinac City at the True North Bookstore and the Ducks Landing gift shop on July 4 (Friday). On July 5 (Saturday), we will be in Traverse City at Horizon’s Bookstore from 11am till 2pm. And then on July 6 (Sunday), we will once again pop up the ol’ tent at the Cherry Festival Craft Fair. And as a special, on July 6, we welcome an honored guest, Steve Cook, the father of the Dogman and the artist behind “The Legend” song that started it all. We will have novels and CDs to be signed by the artists. Come one, come all, we look forward to seeing everyone! Mark your calendars now to attend!

For more on the Dogman, including the latest sightings, be sure to check out Steve Cook's website at:

Our Summer Spectacular Give Away Winner:

We are proud to announce that Nolan Ricketts from Holland, Michigan, was our June winner in our Summer Spectacular. He will be receiving an official Year of the Dogman baseball cap. Congratulations, Nolan!

We will also be randomly selecting winners on July 1 (a Dogman poster) and August 1 (a Dogman t-shirt) from our email list. If you are here on the Dogman Blog as a visitor, please go to our website and sign up for our newsletter to enter. Be sure to tell all of your friends to sign up with us on our website too. Also, names collected at our events will be included, so if you see us out and about, be sure to sign up.

MythMichigan News:

The Haunting of Sigma, the terrifying prequel to Year of the Dogman, has just passed the final corrections process and the last of the formatting will be complete soon. We seem to be on track to release it, as planned, on the July 4th weekend.

You’ve just got to check out artist Craig Tollenaar’s work on the cover. It is simply, awesome! The new official website for Sigma can be accessed by clicking the link below:

On the site, you can see the cover, the text from the back cover, and a short book review. It promises to be an instant classic among cryptozoology fans. Quite honestly, my wife wouldn’t even read it. It is a much darker, more sinister novel than the first one.

Basically, Sigma takes place in 1987, twenty years before the events of Year of the Dogman. Sigma is a tiny forest community (a real place!) in the backwoods of Kalkaska County. Based on the little-known song by the father of the Dogman, Steve Cook, this tiny village is terrorized by the creature that walks upright, though the final results aren’t as fortunate as the ending of Year of the Dogman. Readers familiar with the territory will undoubtedly recognize many real geographical locations and some of the historical details from 1987.

Upcoming News:

The Longquist Adventures: Western Odyssey, is also coming along nicely. It has taken more time than I had originally anticipated, but it will be definitely worth it. From the digital proof I’ve seen on chapter 1, the book will rank up there with books like The Spiderwick Chronicles. The illustrations, by artist Craig Tollenaar, are just first-rate. You can see some of his handiwork on the official website by clicking the link below:

We have a few updates to the Dogman stories section of our website. We encourage our fans to submit stories, both real and fictional, and we’ll definitely post them. Also, teachers out there – as you plan for the following year, you can pick up classroom sets of our novels at great discount prices. Get a quote on our website.

Mark your calendars with the dates above to pick up your own autographed first edition copy of The Haunting of Sigma. And share your stories with us. We love fans’ who share their mysterious encounters from all over Michigan and the Midwest.

As always, a huge thank you to our fans for their generosity. Look for our upcoming books this summer. Keep those eyes peeled for Dogman sightings! And be careful going out at night!