Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dogman Update 11/14/2010

Hello there fans!

I'm very excited to share some great news with you this evening. We're just coming off a stellar weekend in Cadillac where we absolutely SMASHED our previous sales records. 121 books, including 56 copies of our new book, Tales From Dogman Country, made their way into fans hands over the past two days.

The new book, fourth in the series, is a collection of short stories from all over Michigan and from across many decades. Its weekend debut also smashed the previous records for book releases (Nagual in 2009, Sigman in 2008).

We also had a great two weeks with our online pre-release sales, and I shipped out a ton of packages over the past few days.

Interested in joining the excitement? You can order your very own copy of Tales From Dogman Country on Amazon, or get an autographed copy from my website: now has a special page set up for Tales From Dogman Country, and the online bookstore giant is ready to take orders.


We're heading into our winter schedule, and we have book signing stops at the following:

Sat, Nov 20: Canton HS (Canton, MI)
Wed, Nov 24: Alcona MS (Lincoln, MI)
Fri, Nov 26: Inland Lakes Schools (Indian River, MI)
Sat-Sun, Nov 27-28: Ford II HS (Sterling Heights, MI)
Sat, Dec 4: The Bookstore, Manistee MI (sleighbell festival)

Hopefully, you can see us there.

BTW - copies of the new book are now at Horizons bookstore in Petoskey, and soon to be in Traverse City and Cadillac. We are also shipping books to Blue Phoenix in Alpena, and The Bookstore in Manistee, among other stores in the near future. Can't find my books in your favorite bookstore? Ask them to carry the Dogman series, and to contact me at my email: / website:


It is with great pleasure that I can share more news. I'm teaming up with folklorist David Martinka ( to produce an instrumental CD, inspired by the characters and events of my Dogman novels. David is a fabulous artist, focusing on Native American flute and Slovakian flute. Both produce such haunting melodies that capture the essence of the Dogman folktales.

We're going to be putting these together this winter, and hopefully they'll be available for release in late spring or early summer 2011.

And to top it all off, I've started work on a NEW Dogman novel. There are only a few details I can share with you now, but if you want an idea of its storyline, be sure to read Nagual and the first chapter of our new book, Tales From Dogman Country. That'll get you thinking on the right track. Again, if you're interested in a copy of the new book, click the link below:

Thanks again to all of the great fans who came out to see us this fall, and we hope to see you later on the tour!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Dogman Update 10/15/2010

Hello there Dogman fans!

It's been a while since my last post, and it's good to be chatting with you all again. We've been busy up here in Dogman country as of late. Many shows, many miles, and so many great fans and stories to be shared all around the state have kept me hopping.

For all up to date information on the Dogman and my books, see our website:


Part of the delay in the blog has been the delay in the release of my latest book, Tales From Dogman Country. Originally I'd planned to release it the first of October, but it looks now like it will be Halloween weekend. Trust me, it will be worth the wait. This collection of six short stories from all over the state (and across the centuries!) might be my shortest written work (at 118 pages), but it is sure to be a pleaser to Dogman fans all over the globe. Based on both folklore and on real stories I've collected from folks all over the state, it includes many of the 'real' sightings and encounters that make the Dogman such a legendary beast.

The stories range from a sheriff's report in Manistee County to a pioneer tale from Evart back in the 1870s. Some old characters will re-emerge as the greater picture of the Dogman legend comes into focus. AND there is an awesome ancient story of betrayal that has already led me into the design of the next full length Dogman novel, which I'm tentatively planning for the summer of 2011.

Where can you find more on Tales From Dogman Country? Check out our website:


It's going to continue to be a busy fall and winter season. This weekend, I'm at Clarkston High School, then getting ready for the Halloween season:

October 16-17: Clarkston High School
October 23: Kalamazoo Valley Community College
October 29: Blue Phoenix Books, Alpena
October 30: Ghost Ship, Manistee (with Steve Cook)

November 13-14: Cadillac at the Wex
November 20: Canton High School
November 24: Lincoln Alcona Middle School
November 26: Indian River Christmas Craft Show
November 27-28: Sterling Heights Ford II HS

Be sure to check out our website periodically in the next two weeks as the final details on the release of Tales From Dogman Country become available. Also, look for some GREAT special pre-release prices on the new book, only on our website. Of course, all books are autographed before being shipped!

That's it from Dogman country! Thanks for being such great fans and continuing to believe!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dogman Update 5/29/2010

Hello fans -

It's been a very busy month for us here in Dogman country. Though we were greatly disappointed that we were unable to see fans in the Holland area, we did make five great stops in May, including a first-time visit to Corunna. And through it all, we've still smashed sales records for the month of May as well as individual records at Boyne City, Uncle Johns, MSU, and Houghton Lake.

Be sure to check out our website for more Dogman information:

Where are we headed next? In June & early July, you can find us:

June 5-6 Pinckney
June 12-13 Mio Nor'Easter Festival
June 18-20 Frankenmuth Zehnders Park
June 26-27 Howell Michigan Challenge (tentative)
July 2-3 Houghton Lake Middle School
July 4 National Cherry Festival, Traverse City

Of course, you can check out our website for our full 2010 schedule. Hopefully we’ll be haunting a town near you:

What's new in Dogman country? Today, we're featuring a sighting as reported on Steve Cook's website. It is from Dowagiac, MI, from 2001. It was recently sent to Steve and posted on his site (see this link for more information:
What's interesting about this encounter is its location. Though most of the Dogman stories come from northwest Michigan, there are obviously other sightings all over the state. It's also interesting that Linda Godfrey has mentioned Kalamazoo / southwestern MI sightings in her newspaper article back in October 2008 (see link:
I guess there's no hiding from the Dogman, no matter where in Michigan you live, visit, or vacation!

Book News:

The second installment in the Longquist Adventures series has moved to print stage, and we hope to have these available by the middle of June. Viking Treasure has completed all stages of formatting and publishing. Based on the story of Treasure Island, and featuring Scandinavian folklore, exotic creatures & monsters, and Viking culture, this sequel to the popular action-adventure Western Odyssey is sure to be a hit.

We're even offering a PREORDER SPECIAL on the Viking Treasure novel. That's right, copies of the novel are only $12 on our website for this preorder. You can even get a combination pack ofboth Longquist novels, Viking Treasure and Western Odyssey for only $24. See our website for more information:

That's about it from Dogman country for May. Look for more this summer on the newest Dogman book, Tales From Dogman Country, a collection of short stories from all across Michigan and from across the centuries all the way back to the ice age. Its going to be an instant classic!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dogman Update 4/13/2010

Dogman Blog April 2010

Hello Dogman fans!

Well, we weren’t disappointed with the History Channel’s Monster Quest season finale featuring the Michigan Dogman. Sure, there were many strong opinions voiced by fans all over the country, but in the end, we found that so many great folks around Michigan still love the Dogman, and most still believe the creature is still lurking in the depths of the wilderness.

Be sure to check out our website for more Dogman information:

So, what’s been going on in Dogman country? We’ve been all over the state this past month. We started in Northville and Canton, and then returned north for stops in Mancelona and Petoskey. In Mancelona, we were joined by our good friend Steve Cook who threw down a splendid version of “The Legend” live for the good folks.

And where are we headed next? This upcoming weekend we make one of our only trips to the Upper Peninsula, to the Escanaba fairgrounds for the TV6 Arts & Craft Fair. We’re already getting some good feedback from our Yooper fans on Facebook who’ll be stopping by.

Where are we going after that? Here’s our traveling schedule for April & May:

April 17-18: Escanaba fairgrounds
April 24-25: Maple Syrup Fest, Vermontville, MI

May 1: Corunna, MI
May 8-9: Uncle Johns Cider Mill, St. Johns MI
May 15-16: Michigan State University Union arts show, East Lansing MI
May 22-23: Mushroom Festival, Boyne City, MI
May 29-30: Houghton Lake Middle School craft show

Unfortunately, we’re very disappointed that the Tulip Fest in Holland did not invite us back this year. Sorry fans in southwest Michigan, you’ll have to look for us at another stop later this summer. If anyone is in Holland for that weekend, please stop by the craft fair information and show your displeasure at not having the Dogman make an appearance.

Of course, you can check out our website for our full 2010 schedule. Hopefully we’ll be haunting a town near you:

More of our summer schedule will be finalized in the upcoming few weeks and you can see the full schedule on our website and on next month’s blog.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more information as I get it. For our fans not on Facebook, this is your opportunity to join the Dogman community! There are great discussions, sightings, encounters, and news from Dogman country updated constantly by our fans!

Update on the new Dogman (part 4) novel:

Yes, there will be a fourth novel in the Dogman series! The official title is Tales From Dogman Country. It will feature a series of short stories based on some of the real sightings and encounters that fans have shared with me from all over Michigan. Of course, I’ve changed a few of the details (and the names) to protect the ‘not-so innocent’ and preserve some of the sacred areas of the Dogman. I’ve also added a few short stories of my own, and again, though they are fictional they are still based on real folklore and legend.

That’s as much as I’m able to give away right now. Be sure to check out our website often as I will be posting some snippets of the new novel over the next two months. I don’t have a tentative release date, but hopefully sometime this summer.

Well, that’s all for April. As always, we’ll keep you posted if we hear of any Dogman happenings. Until summer then, DON’T GO OUT AT NIGHT!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dogman Update 3/7/2010

Dogman Blog
March 2010

Hello Dogman fans! A warm welcome to everyone from our Facebook page and those of you on the official Dogman Email list. Be sure to check out our official website:

It is with extreme anticipation that I write to you today. That is because the History Channel has finally released the preview of their MonsterQuest episode that will be featuring, the one and only, Michigan Dogman!

It will air on Wednesday, March 24 at 9:00 pm. Undoubtedly, it will be re-run several times within that same week for any fans who can't catch the premiere.

And I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait to see it!!!!

We caught wind of this upcoming TV show last October when my good friend and co-conspirator Steve Cook, the father of the Dogman "Legend" song, and I were tag-teaming a book & CD signing at the Haunted Ship of Manistee. Steve told me that the MonsterQuest crew was indeed in northern Michigan on a follow-up to the 2007 episode (the one that focused on Wisconsin). They were poking around the swamps and forests and interviewing folks to get a sense of the Dogman legends here in Michigan.

I even had the pleasure to meet Deputy Jeff Chamberlain of the Lake County Sheriff's office. He was actually on duty when the original break-in at the cabin in Luther took place back in 1987. He shared some truly fascinating stories.

Since that time, the word has leaked out and we have all been waiting (some less patiently than others) for the announcement. Now we know! The Michigan Dogman will make its worldwide debut in less than three weeks!

What will the MonsterQuest episode show? None of us knows for certain, even Steve Cook. I know that Steve was interviewed at length by Linda Godfrey - the true expert in all things weird, wicked, and wild - in and around the Great Lakes. And I have my own hunches that we may see several re-enactments from Dogman sightings. I think we may even see that ol' controversial Gable Film show up too. Perhaps the folks at MonsterQuest can finally give us some sort of definitive evidence to proclaim the film a real or a fraud, once and for all. And then again, maybe we'll never know. There are certainly no shortage of opinions on that piece of evidence!

I'll keep updating our Facebook page with more information as I get it, so please check in there periodically. For our fans not on Facebook, this is your opportunity to join the Dogman community and the discussion!


We're heading to Canton H.S. this upcoming weekend for the second show in two weeks on Detroit's west side. Then on March 24, just before the MonsterQuest episode, we'll be at Mancelona H.S. for an after-school extravaganza! We wrap up the month in Petoskey at the Methodist Church craft fair on Saturday, March 27.

Of course, you can see our full 2010 Book Tour dates on our website:

March 13: Canton H.S., Canton
March 24: Mancelona H.S.
April 17-18: Escanaba Fairgrounds
April 24-25: Shephard Maple Syrup Fest
May 1-2: Holland Tulip Fest
May 8-9: Uncle Johns Cider Mill, St. Johns
May 15-16: Boyne City Mushroom Fest


I've finished up the second Longquist Adventures novel and we're getting the final editing and pictures wrapped up. We hope for a May 1 debut at the Tulip Festival in Holland. If all goes well, the new Viking Treasure novel will be ready for fans!

I've also started a fourth Dogman novel, tentatively titled Tales From Dogman Country. It is a collection of short stories from all around Michigan and from different times in history as well as the modern day. It is sure to be an instant classic! I'm shooting for another July 4th debut at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, but this one might be tough to pull off. We'll see.


In honor of the MonsterQuest episode, we're going to offer some GREAT specials on our website. These will include greatly reduced prices on novels and t-shirts, as well as our new awesome Dogman Country hats. Check in with us in the next week as we begin unveiling the specials.

Again, I thank all of you for your support. As I get updates, I'll keep you all posted through our various channels. It is a fabulous time to be associated with the legends of the Dogman. I'm really looking forward to sharing these legends with a world-wide audience. We welcome everyone to Dogman Country!!