Friday, October 15, 2010

Dogman Update 10/15/2010

Hello there Dogman fans!

It's been a while since my last post, and it's good to be chatting with you all again. We've been busy up here in Dogman country as of late. Many shows, many miles, and so many great fans and stories to be shared all around the state have kept me hopping.

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Part of the delay in the blog has been the delay in the release of my latest book, Tales From Dogman Country. Originally I'd planned to release it the first of October, but it looks now like it will be Halloween weekend. Trust me, it will be worth the wait. This collection of six short stories from all over the state (and across the centuries!) might be my shortest written work (at 118 pages), but it is sure to be a pleaser to Dogman fans all over the globe. Based on both folklore and on real stories I've collected from folks all over the state, it includes many of the 'real' sightings and encounters that make the Dogman such a legendary beast.

The stories range from a sheriff's report in Manistee County to a pioneer tale from Evart back in the 1870s. Some old characters will re-emerge as the greater picture of the Dogman legend comes into focus. AND there is an awesome ancient story of betrayal that has already led me into the design of the next full length Dogman novel, which I'm tentatively planning for the summer of 2011.

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It's going to continue to be a busy fall and winter season. This weekend, I'm at Clarkston High School, then getting ready for the Halloween season:

October 16-17: Clarkston High School
October 23: Kalamazoo Valley Community College
October 29: Blue Phoenix Books, Alpena
October 30: Ghost Ship, Manistee (with Steve Cook)

November 13-14: Cadillac at the Wex
November 20: Canton High School
November 24: Lincoln Alcona Middle School
November 26: Indian River Christmas Craft Show
November 27-28: Sterling Heights Ford II HS

Be sure to check out our website periodically in the next two weeks as the final details on the release of Tales From Dogman Country become available. Also, look for some GREAT special pre-release prices on the new book, only on our website. Of course, all books are autographed before being shipped!

That's it from Dogman country! Thanks for being such great fans and continuing to believe!